Off the Grid Artist Series: Sui Zhen

By James Waldersee, Photos by Marlee Pasinetti


Next for the Off the Grid Artist Series is Sui Zhen. I had already been listening to her ornamental, escapist songs following the weekend, so prior to even meeting her she had me in a good place. We met in the city. Becky, aka Sui Zhen, had just come from shooting a short film, she introduced herself and let us know of the pink satin outfit in her bag, also pointing out the false freckles painted upon her cheek. The city was steamy, blanketed under a thick cloud while the wind would forcefully gust through the streets and ignore the buildings. We made a move and headed to the gardens.

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Off the Grid Artist Series: Banoffee

Photos by Marlee Pasinetti


In the lead-up to Off the Grid, Finding Infinity will be introducing you to the artists from the festival each week. Telling you the stories of our conversations. Our question, that will string these stories together is: can a party transform a city?

We couldn’t think of a better place to start than with the positively-charged Banoffee. On a Spring Day down at the Fitzroy Pools, we had a chat about Off the Grid, the influence of parties and her view on Australia’s place in a transitioning world. All the while we enjoyed the weather, had a swim or two, and ate an orange. 

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Powering A Festival In All The Right Ways



To bring people together through sound, music has always driven and implemented innovative technologies, from the headphones to stadium audio. In Melbourne, on December 22nd, Off the Grid music festival will begin the final stage of this relationship. Every sound, light and feeling will be powered by renewable energy. It is a beautiful way for us to feel the sun, to connect, not just by the rays upon your skin, but through the waves of sound. 

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Chatting With Julian Assange About How To Create Change In The World


Still to this day Julian Assange remains a resident of the Ecuadorian embassy. Since 2012 the founder of Wikileaks has not stepped outside. The British government won’t even grant him return passage to a medical facility for an MRI.

Ross Harding, the founder of Finding Infinity, earned a trip to talk with Julian after raising the top question on the social democracy organisation

 “We want to power the world using only renewable energy! We believe the barriers are not technical or financial, but they are political and social. What are the barriers on this transition from your point of view, and how would you suggest is the best way to speed up the transition?”

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