Meet Andreas Caminada

Meet Andreas Caminada

Swiss chef, Andreas Caminada is the youngest three-star chef in Europe. And his restaurant Schloss Schauenstein, which lies in the valley Domleschg, Switzerland, in a 12th century castle is a Mecca for high-end-foodies. Alongside the wonderful backdrop, Schloss Schauenstein offers a unique culinary experience, which revolves around a respectful approach to fresh, hyper local and seasonal ingredients.

In a renovated school-turned-restaurant, Andreas Caminada, a thrice-starred Michelin slow-food chef, is adhering to a simple principle when it comes to sustainability: Source all food locally and focus on seasonal dishes.

Why, one may wonder, is this regional approach good for the environment? Because, as Caminada knows, most people have become disconnected from local and seasonal resources, with chefs simply creating a menu based on importing goods from all over the world or purchasing them from mass supermarkets.

Keeping things as local and seasonal as possible, as Caminada does at his restaurant, Schloss Schauenstein, in the town of F├╝rstenau, not only prevents unnecessary waste and pollution, it makes for meals that taste better and are more authentic.