Meet Cecilia Loschiavo Dos Santos

Meet Cecilia Loschiavo Dos Santos

We interviewed Professor Maria Cecilia Loschiavo Dos Santos, a philosopher and full professor of Design at the School of Architecture and Urbanism, University of São Paulo. She was speaking at @unmakingwaste 2018 in Adelaide last week and we were fortunate enough to sneak in an hour with her to find out about Brazil before, during and after the dictatorship, furniture design, Oscar Niemeyer, Sergio Rodrigues, waste collectives, the homeless scene around the world and so much more. Cecelia has a big heart and speaks with passion. She warms the room when she speaks. At the conference she discussed: Fetish, Design and the Fury of Disposal: What are the consequences of fetishization of consumption?




Data da foto: 2011 Sergio Rodrigues, arquiteto.