Umasan – Vegan fashion from Berlin

Umasan – Vegan fashion from Berlin

Imagine a fashion label that makes its clothing, not from synthetics or textiles that create environmental degradation, but from wood or sea grass or any number of other materials that can be replenished. That’s the mindset at Umasan where twins Anja and Sandra Umann, two products of the former East Germany, have taken fashion skills acquired in Munich and Paris, and as a photographer and designer for Yohji Yamamoto, and married them with a desire to do great things—both in fashion and for the earth.


Together, they make what they call “vegan” clothing—fashion that does not use any animal products. Their shoes resemble real leather, even though they are made from recycled plastic, while other items might be made of bamboo or recycled polyester that is completely biodegradable. The brand uses the philosophy of yoga: “Life is a journey!” And it’s the perfect description—this is a journey that fits beautifully.

“The inspiration for our clothing is how people live, how they move, how they think. ” Anja Umann, Co-Founder of Umasan