A New Normal, Melbourne

Transforming Greater Melbourne from a consumer to a producer by 2030.

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A proposal for Greater Melbourne with the potential to:

• Provide economic recovery

• Secure our energy supply, water supply & movement network

• Create over 80,000 jobs

• Create a sustainable revenue in 7 years

• Position Melbourne as a world leader in economic and environmental transition


The purpose of the proposal is to bring the private sector, the public sector and the people of Melbourne together in response to some startling shocks experienced in 2020 such as COVID-19 and recent bushfires plus the ongoing climate emergency. It proposes a vision of transformation for Melbourne to become a self-sufficient and more resilient city.

The report focuses on 10 currently available and profitable technologies, and as such can provide a rapid stimulus opportunity.

Cost – $100 billion

Payback – 7.3 years




A New Normal is progressing through a series of pilot projects throughout the city, launching at Melbourne Design Week in 2021. In 2021 we are undertaking a series of feasibility studies leading into design development for each of the 15 projects.

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