LAAX is finding ínfinity

Laax is more than an alpine resort – it’s a lifestyle choice. And freestyle is the way. Laax is arguably the most sustainable ski resort in the world, the 5th largest in Switzerland, and at the very forefront in design and architecture. It has 4 snow parks, 29 lifts, the largest half pipe in the world, it is home to 5,000 residents and enjoyed by over 1 million visitors every year passing through the 5 hotels, and 25 restaurants on offer. Hydro snow making, biomass, solar, protected wildlife zones, electric car charging and bikes, hybrid snow grooming, energy efficiency measures and waste heat recovery were priorly implemented, but for us it was not enough.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.37.29 PM

Our role was to create a vision – a technical and financial strategy to go far beyond any existing benchmark and to achieve self-sufficiency – by incorporating three large scale wind turbines, waste to energy biogas, more solar and biomass, biofuel grooming and more energy efficiency. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”


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