Renewable Roadtrip – Mexico

In Arizona, a Royal Enfield Motorcycle was converted to run on vegetable oil and was driven to Mexico where it became the symbol for the next adventure. A road trip was devised to discover the potential for renewable energy in Mexico. “We’re going out to speak to the people, visit the power plants, and the whole plan is to connect the people with the power.” It was an effort to communicate the solutions that are already in our own backyards: hydroelectricity, geothermal, solar panels, biodiesel and biogas (waste to energy). Hauling the bike in a biodiesel-run truck was necessary to make appointments – it’s not about being perfect but to find results. But aside from the breakdowns and the mechanical shortcuts, the message endures. It’s a pilot for future projects to connect people, governments and business with renewable energy through meaningful, interesting experiences.







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