Optimismo, Switzerland

Retrofit of an iconic mountain top hotel at Laax in Switzerland, to become a contemporary art gallery.



200804_gallery 2

200804_heat pump

200803_water treatment_3

The facade of the building will be improved, with insulation externally clad, glazing replaced, airtightness improved and thermal bridges removed. Lighting, appliances, fixtures and fittings will be replaced with the most cost effective, efficient modern models. A heating oil boiler for heating and hot water will be replaced with efficient heat pumps, with heat recovery ventilation further reducing heating requirements. The building will be clad in solar PV, which is estimated to provide more electricity than the building consumes on an annual basis. Water will be treated and reused on-site, and organic waste will be treated through an anaerobic digester. Food will be grown in solar greenhouses on the building. The building is also designed to operate without sending waste to landfill.

Cost – 3.4 million CHF (AU$5.7 million)

Payback – 5.9 years

Plant space – 340 m2




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